If you or a loved one is struggling with a chronic disease, then you know how frustrating and unresponsive the medical system can sometimes be.

Our current healthcare system can’t afford to meet the needs of an aging population and treat the rising rate of chronic diseases. Which is why learning how to manage your own or your loved one’s symptoms is so critical.

To help people educate themselves about different options and explore best practices in care and treatment, we’re offering access to resources dealing with the following conditions:

Hand Arthritis


If you feel pain and stiffness in your body or have trouble moving around, you might have arthritis. Most kinds of arthritis cause pain and swelling in your joints. Joints are places where two bones meet, such as your elbow or knee. Over time, a swollen joint can become severely damaged. Some kinds of arthritis can also cause problems in your organs, such as your eyes or skin.

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Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Many Americans use medical treatments that are not part of mainstream medicine. When you are using these types of care, it may be called complementary, integrative, or alternative medicine.

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Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions and Blemishes

The skin is our largest organ, weighing between 6 and 9 pounds. However, certain conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea and eczema can irritate, clog, or inflame your skin and cause symptoms such as redness, swelling, burning, and itching. Living with a skin condition can be embarrassing, frustrating and at times painful…

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Chronic Pain

Pain is a feeling triggered in the nervous system. Pain may be sharp or dull. It may come and go, or it may be constant. You may feel pain in one area of your body, such as your back, abdomen, chest, or pelvis. Or you may feel pain all over, such as when your muscles ache from the flu.

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