Vanishing Point

Utilizing cutting edge technology, Vanishing Point analyzes acne and provide an estimated recovery time, severity, and other information about the acne to help people manage their breakouts. All they have to do is take a picture.

Three easy steps


What is Vanishing Point?

Vanishing Point is a cutting edge technology application that can utilize cloud-based image processing to measure and characterize acne lesions. The application uses image segmentation and image analysis to measure acne lesions’ physiological features such as erythema and compare them to known physiological characteristics to identify the type and stage of each lesion. It then predicts the time when the lesion will heal, the “Vanishing Point”.

It’s not always easy to differentiate a pustule from papule (or macule) in a picture even for a general practitioner. Some acne lesions are obvious; raised lesions with central white spots are pustules. Other acne lesions, if they are raised, could be papules (or sometimes early pustules), or if not raised they can be macules or resolving papules

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