Real-time AI for Skincare

eTreat has created a skin and acne detection technology to elevate your business with its accuracy and speed.

Reduce tracking and assessment time for your patients. Provide additional value and date for your customers.

All they have to do is take a picture. After a photo is uploaded, a report is created detailing all acne related blemishes detected, assessed and annotated.

It’s as easy as:
1. Take a picture
2. Wait a few seconds
3. Receive a report with all acne-related blemishes detected, assessed and annotated

Grow your skincare enterprise with eTreat

Real-time screening

Real-time acne detection using video or image screening provides unique health insights.

Superior accuracy

AI models tested on clinical datasets that use sensor and environmental data to improve detection and classification accuracy

Seamless Integration

Deployable with web and smartphone enterprise products through custom APIs and SDKs

eTreat's technology is built on science. Our founders have deep knowledge in the optical properties of skin, skin pathologies, image analysis and measurement of human anatomical features. We have extensive research partnerships and have conducted multiple studies in skin imaging with many academic and clinical partners in skin science and dermatology. Our technical expertise in image capture, image processing, tissue analysis algorithms, AI and machine learning is based on decades of experience. This knowledge underpins how our apps can bring meaningful information to our clients.

What sets us apart





Skin Imaging AI
Web, Android and iOS

No add-on sensor required

Skin Imaging AI
Web, Android and iOS

No add-on sensor required

Magnification and UV skin imaging
iOS only
Add-on sensor required

Acne measurement

Capable of detecting and classifying acne-related skin blemishes

(Papule, pustule, post-inflammatory erythema, post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, scars)

Product recommendations

Capable of recommending products based on skin imaging, related health data and user-specific inputs

(Includes breakdown by category, ingredient, budget and other considerations)

Skin routine recommendation

Capable of combining recommended products into a full skincare routine

(Combines cleansers, toners, treatments and moisturizers into a single routine to minimize negative interactions and to maximize positive interactions between ingredients)

Spot measurements

Capable of detecting individual blemishes and classifying them

Zone measurements

Capable of analyzing specialized zones of the face such as t-zone, cheeks and chin

Whole face measurements

Capable of analyzing any region of the face and assessing it as a whole

No add-on sensor required

For healthcare providers

Telehealth and remote health tools are continuing to grow in popularity. Patients are receptive to treatment from online tools, especially if they can get the same or better level of treatment from home. The problem can be that with so many services moving to digital or online offerings, it can be difficult to differentiate your platform from the competition. eTreat wants to help you provide the best experience to your patients and help you stand out from your competitors.

Here’s how we can fit into your existing platform:

Instant reporting for your patients

Encourage patient engagement and provide immediate value to patients while they wait for a consultation.

Continuous care and tracking

We provide additional touch points through imaging and tracking to measure efficacy of treatments

Keep the focus on clinical care

Our solution allows clinicians to spend time connecting with their patients. We eliminate the guesswork to help them do what they do best.

For eCommerce

In 2021, the largest consumer trend is personalization. Customers are looking for ways to customize their skincare routines based on their unique skin instead of generic labels like “oily” “combination” and “dry”. With customer acquisition costs rising, it’s important to have a long term strategy in place that will help you retain customers. eTreat wants to help you beat out the competition and help eliminate the guesswork for your customers.

Here’s how eTreat can help grow your business:

Elevate your brand

Use our imaging to provide your customers with skin analysis and reporting to deliver an immediate sense of value.

Next level Personalization

Our proprietary system will build custom skincare routines based on your products and your customer’s needs. Boost conversions and reduce abandoned checkouts due to decision fatigue.

Increase LTV and Engagement

The best way to show your customers they need your product is to show them instead of telling them. Let customers can measure effectiveness of your products and build long term brand advocates

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