Our Technology Foundation

eTreat’s Edge AI technology is built on leading machine-learning models and AI principles, within a framework that is regulatory compliant

Easy-To-Integrate APIs and SDKs

Data Collection and Augmentation

Data Annotation and Dataset Development

Training and Optimization

Ready-To-Use UX Modules and Code

Acne AI

Acne AI detects, measures and annotates acne-related skin blemishes in seconds.

See Acne AI in action

Product Curation AI

Product AI normalizes, classifies and compares skincare products and their efficacy in relation to a person’s skin. Works seamlessly with Acne AI.

It not only finds the best products, but also evaluates the different interactions between products and their ingredients, allowing to create superior skincare routines

See Product AI in action

Arthritis AI

Arthritis AI detects and measures hands and feet for swelling, enlargements and angular deviations related to osteo and rheumatoid arthritis

See Arthritis AI in action

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