Get a grip on your arthritis!

Thank you to everyone that joined our joint pilot with The Arthritis Society! Your responses are greatly valued and we are working tirelessly to incorporate much of your feedback. We plan to launch myHand to the public just in time for Arthritis Awareness Month in Canada.


Click on the image to watch a minute video about how the app works, what are the features, and how it improves your life quality.

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Arthritis is one of the most common health problems affecting people throughout the world. eTreatMD’s first app will provide a revolutionary suite of tools that measure the most important anatomical indicators of pain and help you find effective ways to relieve that pain.


Skin conditions are hard to identify and even harder to manage. eTreatMD will help you to easily identify a condition and also predict recovery times based on treatment schedules.


Spine, neck, shoulder, hip and knee injuries are a major source of disability. eTreatMD will help you to a speedy recovery by accurately measuring changes in your anatomy that affect posture and mobility.

Why Choose Our Apps

Learn everything there is to know about your ailment

eTreatMD will provide simple, understandable, curated health information specific to your ailment, avoiding the overwhelming confusion of search engines and informational websites. Furthermore, our group of experts will analyze modern treatment trends and separate fact from fiction in an environment full of marketing hype and theories that lack scientific evidence.

FDA and Health Canada approval

eTreatMD’s scientists have ensured that our systems are desired to adhere to FDA and Health Canada regulations. eTreatMD has obtained a Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada and the myHand app was registered with the FDA in 2015. We continue to design and develop to comply with these approval systems.

Safe and secure health records

All eTreatMD’s systems, from user health records to our advanced image-processing engine, are stored on secure cloud servers with the latest virtual security measures in place.

Advanced, accurate measurement and diagnostic system

eTreatMD’s measurement engine has undergone extensive testing and will continue to improve as numerous pilot clinical deployments take place. Our algorithms are derived from the latest scientific principles and adhere to modern medical diagnostic practices.

Simple and efficient user interface

eTreatMD apps use a simple, yet powerful, user interface to ensure that all our mobile and tablet users can experience the very best of our tools in a stress-free, effective environment.

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