We work to connect users with products they love and we connect brands to eager customers.

The more customers use our products the better data we provide our partners. Our customers use our apps to find solutions through continued use and self categorization. In turn, machine learning insights allow for greater accuracy targeting the customer bases that are most likely to buy your products.

What sort of features do we offer our users?

Our products are developed with large populations of smartphone users in mind.

Smartphone Imaging

Utilizing the embedded cameras in our smartphones we are able to extract relevant medical data. With this data we provide patients and medical professionals with actionable steps to recovery.

AI Driven Solutions

We harness the power of machine learning to train our algorithms. This approach allows for a highly detailed and personal approach to connecting customers with appropriate products.

Private and Secure Data

Our data is anonymized to protect the privacy of our users. In turn, brands that partner with us are able to match their strategy with the habits of customers most likely to purchase from them.

Medical Documentation

Our imaging platform is FDA compliant and implemented based on medical device quality system requirements.

Let's change the way we tackle health challenges.

We're helping people choose the right products to achieve their optimal health.